Hard Rock Hotel Penang


6 June – 5 July 2016

Location: Starz Diner
Time: 6.30pm – 10.30pm (Except Saturdays)

  • RM88nett (Adult)
  • RM48nett (Kids 6 – 12 years)


If you have not tried Bintang Rock Buffet Dinner at Hard Rock Hotel Penang’s Starz Diner, be sure to mark your calendar this year! Stepping into Starz Diner gives you the impression of walking along a food bazaar filled with all kinds of local delicacies. The affordable price, the variety and quality of every plate is worth every penny. Guaranteed to satisfy your food cravings! The buffet offers a variety of appetizers, hot dishes, Nasi Kandar corner, hot plate and fritters, Arabian station, Kebabs, Pastas, Charcoal Grills, desserts and so much more.

When dining in, be sure to try the Pasembor and Kerabu available at the designated stations. Other appetizer offerings include the pre-mixed salads, a salad bar, platters, pickled vegetables and individual appetizers like shooters and chilled soup in a glass. Be sure to look out for the Chick Peas Salad with Roasted Chicken, Mini Prawn Cocktail with Mango, Curried Seafood Salad with Pumpkin, Rolled Gado-gado with Peanut Sauce and Freshly Made Poh Piah with fillings and condiments. Hot soup offerings include Sup Daging Berkentang, Sup Ayam Mamak, Tom Kha Gai (Thai Chicken Coconut Lemongrass, Sup Tulang Berempah and Seafood Tomato. Only one type of soup will be served during the dinner nightly.



For more information or reservation, please contact:
Tel:+604 8868 057
Email: fb.penang@hardrockhotels.net

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