Hard Rock Hotel Penang
World Burger Tour

May – June 2017

Location: Hard Rock Cafe Penang
Time: 11.30am – 10.30pm
Price: RM65 nett

If you’re a burger lover, a carnival awaits you! Take your taste buds for a roller coaster ride with Hard Rock Cafe’s World Burger Tour. The tour will bring a variety of burgers from across the globe on your plate. We are featuring 4 international burgers each month.

May 2017

  • El Toro Burger, Barcelona (Spain) 
    Topped with red pepper Romesco sauce, aioli, roasted vegetables, goat cheese crumbles and arugula.
  • Tango Salsa Burger, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
    Andouille sausage, salsa criolla, garlic aioli, Monterey jack cheese, fresh arugula and topped with a fried egg.
  • Riviera Burger, Nice (France)
    Topped with savory olive tapenade and smoked peppers, marinated tomato, goat cheese, fresh greens and crisp potato rosti.
  • When In Rome Burger, Rome (Italy)
    Topped with pancetta, garlic aioli, arugula and ricotta cheese with sun-dried tomato.

June 2017

  • English Breakfast Burger, London (England)
    Topped with breakfast sausage, sliced ham, arugula, grilled portobello mushroom, fresh tomato and a fresh-cracked egg.
  • Bahn Mi Burger, Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
    Coated in our tangy house-made Vietnamese glaze, topped with sliced cucumbers and pickled vegetables, accompanied by
    cilantro and green onions.
  • Tennessee BBQ Burger – Memphis, TN (USA)
    Our Certified Angus patty seasoned with a Memphis Dry Rub and topped with pickle slices, Memphis slaw, pulled lamb, tangy Barbeque sauce, crispy onions and cheddar.
  • Colombian Plantain Burger – Cartagena (Colombia)
    Topped with caramelized onions, garlic aioli, bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese, spiked with molasses and topped with fried plantains.



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